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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (L) holds a news conference after a meeting with European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini in Brussels, Belgium, March 27, 2017.  (photo by REUTERS/Yves Herman)

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Abu Mazen plays losing hand badly in Gaza Strip

Sunday, Jul. 16, 2017 | Week in Review

The Palestinian president faces a challenge from a bitter rival backed by Egypt and the United Arab Emirates; what is Saddam Hussein’s family doing in Qatar?; Russia and the United States wary of Turkish military intervention in Syria.

Turkey potential spoiler of US-Russian progress on Syria

Sunday, Jul. 9, 2017 | Week in Review

Turkey may find common ground with Damascus and Tehran in its concerns about Syrian Kurds; UNHCR notes trend of "spontaneous returns" in Syria; Turkey seizes property of ancient Christian community.

Does the US have answer for Turkish threats against Syrian Kurds?

Sunday, Jul. 2, 2017 | Week in Review

Turkey also seeks sway in Salafi-controlled Idlib; Hamas inches closer to Iran, Hezbollah.

Iran draws line in the sand in Syrian desert

Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017 | Week in Review

Iran stakes claim in eastern Syria; Saudi move against Hamas; Qatar risks confrontation in the Gaza Strip.

Iran seizes high ground in Saudi-Qatar dispute

Sunday, Jun. 18, 2017 | Week in Review

Iran probably can’t believe its luck; is it time for a second look at the Aleppo “narrative”?

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