A New Look At The Middle East

Al-Monitor, launched February 13, 2012, features unmatched reporting and analysis by prominent journalists and experts from the Middle East, including through its Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Turkey Pulses.

“increasingly a daily must-read for insightful commentary on the Middle East.”

Al-Monitor’s content is regularly referenced in The Wall Street Journal, Time, Reuters, Le Monde, The New York Times, The Economist and many other publications.

The Washington Post has called the site “invaluable,” The Huffington Post referred to it as "increasingly a daily must-read for insightful commentary on the Middle East” while The Economist recommended Al-Monitor’s Egypt and Iran coverage in its What To Read section.

Al-Monitor uncovers trends while covering the news and boasts media partnerships with two dozen regional publications.

The Al-Monitor Board includes distinguished international academic, media and business leaders:

Jamal Daniel Founder, Chairman & CEO, Al-Monitor
Founder, Chairman & President of Crest Investment Company

Simon Ayat Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Schlumberger Limited

Tony Chase Chairman & CEO of ChaseSource, L.P

Joanna Hitchcock Former Director of the University of Texas Press

Ambassador Nassif Hitti Senior Arab League Official, Former Head of the Arab League Mission in Paris and Permanent Observer at UNESCO

David W. Leebron President of Rice University

Dr. Paul Salem Vice President of the Middle East Institute, Director of the Arab Transitions Initiative

Denis Simonneau Member of the GDF SUEZ Executive Committee

John Solomon Editor and Vice President for Content and Business Development of Washington Times

Jason Woods COO, Al-Monitor

Al-Monitor columnists are some of the most prominent and talented journalists in the region, including:

Mustafa Akyol (Turkey Pulse) Cengiz Candar (Turkey Pulse)
Ben Caspit (Israel Pulse) Akiva Eldar (Israel Pulse)
Shlomi Eldar (Israel Pulse) Asmaa al-Ghoul (Palestine Pulse)
Metin Gurcan (Turkey Pulse) Kadri Gursel (Turkey Pulse)
Ali Hashem (Columnist) Semih Idiz (Turkey Pulse)
Daoud Kuttab (Palestine Pulse) Ali Mamouri (Iraq Pulse)
Mazal Mualem (Israel Pulse) Denise Natali (Columnist)
Julian Pecquet (Congress Pulse) Madawi al-Rasheed (Gulf Pulse)
Bruce Riedel (Gulf Pulse) Laura Rozen (Back Channel)
Paul Saunders (Russia Mideast) Uri Savir (Israel Pulse)
Mohammad Ali Shabani (Iran Pulse) Barbara Slavin (Washington Correspondent)
Maxim A. Suchkov (Russia Mideast) Fehim Tastekin (Turkey Pulse)
Pinar Tremblay (Turkey Pulse) Amberin Zaman (Turkey Pulse)

Al-Monitor contributing writers include:

The Al-Monitor editorial team includes:

Michelle Upton (Vice President and Managing Editor) Tyler Huffman (Associate Editor)
Timur Goksel (Editor, Turkey Pulse) Ali Mamouri (Editor, Iraq Pulse)
Mohammad Ali Shabani (Editor, Iran Pulse) Marita Kassis (Managing Editor, Beirut)
Claudine Korall (Editor, Israel Pulse) Maxim A. Suchkov(Editor, Russia-Mideast)

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